Kaylee Noland

Kaylee Noland, NTP has a B.A. in Nutrition with a minor in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University. She was raised in a health-conscious family which swayed her decision to study Nutrition in college. She wanted to continue her education in Nutrition in a more holistic direction, so she become a nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP).

As an NTP, she is trained to address and assess issues like digestive balancing, blood sugar regulation, optimizing adrenal function, customizing a nutrient dense diet, herbal supplement protocols, and more. An NTP personally helped Kaylee with eczema, brain fog, and overall well-being—this drove her passion to help others improve their health the same way!

In her free time, she's experimenting with new ancestral recipes, doing Pilates or yoga, and spending time in the sun.