Our Mission

When it comes to improving your health and wellness, information is crucial. The more health data you have, the more proactive you can be. Unfortunately, accurate and actionable data is hard to come by. 

Due to the inconvenience and high cost of lab work, very few people have access to their health information. To further complicate this issue, the majority of doctors focus on helping people only after they get sick, rather than proactively improving their wellness.

With Vessel, we set out to make at-home testing easy and affordable. By combining at-home testing with data-driven progress monitoring and personalized action plans, we can replicate the experience of a functional medicine doctor for a fraction of the cost, all from the comfort of your home.

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Our mission

We’re optimistic about the future of health because we’re building it.

By helping people better understand their bodies, Vessel unlocks a world where people can feel and perform at their best. And more importantly, a world in which people have more time to do the things they love, with the people they love. 

The Vessel

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Co-Founder & Innovation Director

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Co-Founder / CEO

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QA Engineer

Our Story

Jon Carder, a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Vessel, had occasional challenges with low energy, brain fog, and trouble sleeping.

These problems prevented Jon from consistently showing up as his best self. After talking to friends, he realized that these issues were actually pretty common. He also learned that through lab work he could identify the root cause of some of the problems and improve them, but that wasn’t going to happen with his normal Doctor.

After a lot of searching he eventually found a functional medicine doctor, who was able to identify, through expensive and painful blood work, that Jon had nutrient deficiencies and high toxin levels. So, Jon adjusted his supplements, nutrition and lifestyle accordingly. And, within a month, he was feeling the best he had felt in years. 

Lab work had changed Jon’s life for the better, but he still felt disillusioned by its complexity, cost and access problem. That was until he met his co-founder Matt and together they came up with a way to bring the lab into the home, on a mission to empower millions around the world with the same helpful insights and improvements Jon got, at a fraction of the price.