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I started using Vessel last week, and I start eating some healthier foods, some fresh fruits and change my workout routine. I saw my wellness score go up, I’ve been able to see my energy go up a lot within a week as well and I’m really excited to keep using.

Nicole Stenett

Pittsburgh, PA

[Since using Vessel] I've incorporated 10 minutes of meditation and yoga to help my sleep and cortisol level … Vessel is what I've always dreamed of.

Debra Luczycki

Norman, OK

I would rather [test with Vessel] than wait three hours in the doctor's office just to get in. And it's not just the three hours, it's the commuting back and forth, and then the waiting room. And then, you know, people don't go to the doctor when they're healthy, so now you're in a room full of sick people and you're healthy. And you're like, well, if I wasn't going to get sick, now I am.

Sumit Bose

New York, NY

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