New with Vessel 2.0

Get ready to experience the new, and far more innovative, Vessel 2.0. Everything about Vessel 2.0 is designed around helping you reach your wellness goals and live your best life.


Calcium may impact your calm, sleep, endurance, and mood.


Sodium may impact your endurance, mood, focus, and calm.

Urinary Tract

Urinary Tract health will impact your body.

Vessel Cup

Avoid making a mess while testing by using the Vessel Test Cup to deposit liquid.

Nutrition Coach

Get unlimited access to Vessel Certified Nutrition Coaches right in the app.

Buy Cards a la Carte

Get full access to the app and nutritionist chat and buy wellness tests when you want.

Improved Test Card

Our new and improved test card reduces the amount of urine residue and reduces scanning difficulty.

Personalized Activities

Receive actionable ways to reach your goals in the Vessel app, every single day.

Daily Lessons

Log in daily to get tips on how to improve the way you feel and to reach your goals.

Providing better health worldwide
We’ve partnered with Vitamin Angels to donate life-changing vitamin A to a child in need, with every wellness card purchased.

Children helped