Restoring pH Balance In The Body: How To Find Balance

Maintaining a normal pH level is vital for your body to function normally. Use Vessel Health’s Wellness Card to learn about your pH level. Lauren Lehmkuhl
Restoring pH Balance In The Body: How To Find Balance

Something that everyone in this world has in common is a necessity to have a balanced pH. Our bodily fluids naturally have pH levels that are impacted by our lifestyle and dietary choices.

Maintaining a balanced pH level is essential when it comes to understanding your body’s underlying health. Your pH level lets you know if there is something you should be concerned about. The average person will have the same pH level at all times, and there isn’t much room for the discrepancy, so if there is a significant change detected, it can hint at a problem.

Finding balance is important because it’s what directly affects your body’s functioning. If your pH levels are off, you will be as well. Many things may happen when your pH levels are off, and identifying them to change them can be critical in achieving maximum health.

All About pH

This may sound a bit familiar to you, as you’ve likely learned this at some point in grade school. The pH scale measures a substance's acidity to see if it’s more acidic, neutral, or alkaline.

A person’s blood pH level will tell you if there is something wrong with them. A balanced blood pH level will fall between 7.35 and 7.45 on the pH scale. Anything that strays from that range needs further testing because it indicates that something might be off in your body, and you need to make changes to correct it.

A pH scale goes from 0 to 14. The lower the number, the higher the acidity. Seven is considered neutral, and anything above seven leans towards being alkaline. Every substance you consume has a different pH level and, therefore, a different effect on your body.

Normal pH Levels

A normal body pH level will be achieved if you maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids, with water being the main one that you consume. If you test your body, blood, or urine pH levels and see that it strays from the typical average pH level, it could be a sign that there is something wrong that needs attention. If your doctor finds that any of these pH levels are off, they will most likely inquire that you receive more testing to pinpoint the problem.

The human body is made to regulate pH naturally on its own. It shouldn’t take much conscious work to maintain your body pH level, so this is why it’s so obvious when there is something wrong. Your body should be able to regulate and correct its pH levels by yourself, but if you aren’t able to do that, it’s a sign of an underlying issue.

Abnormal pH Levels

It’s easily detected when you have an abnormal pH level. Because the margins for a normal pH level are so small, anything that strays out of that small frame can have effects on your body that are quite devastating. You can develop two conditions from either having too much or too little acid in your body.

If there is too much acid in your body’s fluids, you can develop acidosis. Acidosis happens when too much carbon dioxide is in your blood, and it becomes harder to breathe. If you have impaired lungs, you might be more likely to develop acidosis as well. Symptoms of acidosis can be:

  • Fatigue or drowsiness
  • Having trouble breathing from a buildup of carbon dioxide in the lungs
  • Headaches and feeling tired

Alkalosis happens when there is a buildup of alkaline in your body’s fluids. You will begin to feel the effects of alkalosis if you aren’t getting enough acid in your diet and you are eating mainly alkaline foods. Symptoms of alkalosis are:

  • Confusion
  • Hand tremors and muscle twitching
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of feeling in hands, feet, or face

If you believe you are experiencing alkalosis or acidosis, you should reach out to a medical professional and seek professional treatment. If something is wrong with your pH level, your body will tell you, so make sure to take note of it!

Causes of Abnormal pH levels

Different choices that you make in your life can contribute to your pH levels. Some lifestyle and dietary decisions directly contribute, which means if you are experiencing an imbalance, there might be multiple options on how to fix it.

  • Toxins: Toxins found in daily products like plastic and hormones in foods all affect your pH levels. If you are consuming more toxins through the products you use, it could create an imbalance in your levels.
  • Stress: If your body is continuously producing the stress hormone cortisol, it can Acid-Bases with the acidity in your body and may cause discomfort in your body.
  • Acidic Diets: Different foods can affect your pH balance due to their acidity levels. Foods that are fried, salt, dairy, and alcohol are all high in acidity levels and can cause an imbalance in your pH.
  • Infections: Infections will also cause a more acidic environment, making it easier to be attacked by germs.

Testing Your pH

Testing your pH levels gives you a lot of information that can be useful in understanding your health. Taking a urine test at home by using a Vessel Health Wellness Card can be way easier than going to a doctor’s office for a blood test.

Each test will offer you loads of information related to nutrient and mineral levels, as well as stress and hydration levels. The main difference is that with Vessel Health, you don’t have to leave your home.

Urine testing can let you know if your diet is too acidic, if you should be drinking more fluids, and if you should be concerned about developing kidney stones. It’s easy, non-invasive, and you can do it yourself.

Vessel Health Wellness Card

Vessel Health offers a way to test your pH levels that is easy and manageable. Not only does the Wellness Card test your pH levels, but it also can measure other nutrient and mineral levels, as well as stress levels. You will gain access to your health information from the comfort of your own home and won’t have to worry about misinterpreting what the doctor says, or even worse, forgetting almost as soon as you step foot out the door.

Here’s how our Test Card works:

  • Step One: We send you the test card in the mail.
  • Step Two: You use the test card as you would with any other urine test.
  • Step Three: You scan the test card on the Vessel Health app to instantly access your results.

When you scan your Test Card, we are given access to loads of information about your health that we then deliver back to you in a way that is easy to understand. We worked together as a team to bring you Vessel Health so that you can obtain accurate, useful information about your health. We offer suggestions on how to improve your overall well-being through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Restoring the Balance

There are ways that you can create a more balanced pH level in your own body with ease.

The following are considerations to keep in mind when trying to restore your body’s natural pH:

Know the Difference Between Harmful and Healthy Acidic Foods

Certain foods like sugar, salt, food additives, meats, dairy, and alcohol are considered more harmful, acidic foods. When you consume too much of these foods, you are most likely contributing to altering your pH balance to be more on the acidic side. All proceeding foods have an acid-forming effect in the body and should be consumed in moderation and balanced with alkaline foods.

Instead of over saturating with those foods, consider eating healthier acidic foods, like fresh fruits, nuts and seeds, honey, and chickpeas. These foods are still acidic by nature but are much healthier options for daily consumption.

Increase Alkaline Foods In Your Diet

It’s all about balance, but most people aren’t getting enough alkaline in their diets to create an actual acid-base balance. Vegetables are alkalizing and should be eaten in larger quantities. Root vegetables like sweet potatoes and rutabaga are also great for consumption when adding more alkaline products into your diet. It’s important that you try to get your diet to be 70% alkaline and 30% acidic so that your pH level balances out and supports your body’s functions.

Alkalize Your Lifestyle Choices

Another way to help restore your pH balance is by changing your lifestyle to incorporate more alkalizing activities to help reduce your stress.

Practicing yoga and meditation can help to reduce your acid levels. Exercise is always good to help balance out your body, so find something that works for you and stick to it!

In The End

Your body is pretty good at self-regulating and finding its balance. If it’s struggling to do this successfully, there could be an underlying issue. Aiding your body in finding this balance by eating proper nutrition and managing your stress levels is essential, but if you have any concerns about your pH levels, you should consult with a doctor.

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