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June Pre-order Update

📅 June 30, 2020

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Let’s start with the most important thing, when your order is going to arrive. We have some good news: manufacturing is back online after the COVID-19 shutdown. While manufacturing isn’t back to 100% yet, we will be shipping thousands of test cards in July, tens of thousands in August and we’ll have over 100,000 test cards shipped by the end of September.

Have you moved? If you need to change your shipping address just send an email to with your updated shipping address.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at some of the features you’re about to experience.


Your Wellness Score and Goals

When you take your first test you’ll be shown your “Wellness Score” which is a combination of all your test scores. Next, we’ll recommend goals based on your specific test results. For example, we might recommend Sleep if your magnesium levels are low. Pick the goals you want to focus on and we’ll help you improve them.


Build a Plan Based on the goals you select we’ll recommend food, supplements, and lifestyle items that can improve your levels and help you achieve your goals. You can modify this at any time and set reminders to stay on track.


Supplements Formulated For You

We’ll show you exactly what supplements your body needs, down to the milligrams, based on your test results. You can buy these supplements at your favorite store or try the new Vessel Fuel. Vessel Fuel is like a multivitamin but it is custom made with your exact nutrient formula based on your test results.

Aside from our wellness cards, we’ve continued to make meaningful progress on our COVID-19 Antibody tests, which are currently undergoing clinical trials. We will continue to share progress updates with you as they become available.

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