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July Pre-order Update

📅 July 31, 2020

⏱️1 min read

Similar to last month, we want to start with the most important thing... when your order is going to arrive. Manufacturing is now back online, and back to 100% capacity. We shipped thousands of test cards on July 31st to our earliest pre-order customers and will be shipping tens of thousands more cards this month. By mid-October, we’ll have shipped over 100,000 pre-ordered test cards and will officially be in-stock for all future orders.

Have you moved? If you need to change your shipping address just email with your new address and we will update it for you.

We wanted to share some experiences from a few of our earliest customers.

Here's a 3 minute video from some of our first users


"Vessel was informative and exciting. It gave me a better idea of my overall health"

Amber P | River Falls, WI


"The data that using Vessel has given me has been eye-opening"

Adam D | Easton, PA


"I changed up some of my eating habits while using Vessel and saw my wellness score go up"

Nicole S | Pittsburg, PA

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